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DUI Special Programs

SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor)

DUI School Spotlight:
DUI Level I

The DUI Level I course is designed for individuals who have been convicted of only one DUI, or one DUI amended to Reckless Driving. May be court ordered for other offenses as well. DUI Level I is a 12 hour course. Florida Safety Council's DUI Counterattack program now offers online registration for your convenience. Click here to learn more about DUI Level I.

DUI Special Programs:
S.C.R.A.M. Program

SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) is a tool that helps courts and agencies continuously monitor their alcohol offenders to ensure they’re not drinking. The goal of the Florida Safety Council SCRAM program is to:

  • Increase public safety and victim safety by closely monitoring a person’s drinking behavior.
  • Create accountability among individuals for their drinking behavior.
  • Promote behavior change.
  • Reduce jail and prison populations by providing cost effective supervision alternatives.

How SCRAM Works


Driving Sober to save a life's mission is to stop drinking and driving, through heart wrenching and powerful presentations and by educating all drivers to be aware of the consequences of driving impaired.


SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) is a tool that helps courts and agencies continuously monitor their alcohol offenders to ensure they’re not drinking. SCRAM provides the courts, probation, attorneys, diversion programs and other criminal justice professionals a tool to deter, detect, and receive confirmed documentation of alcohol use via transdermal technology 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because SCRAM continuously monitors offenders – as often as every half hour around the clock – it is a much more effective and reliable alternative to random testing methods or incarceration. SCRAM is currently offered in partnership with Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. (AMS).

Goal of Florida Safety Council SCRAM Program

How SCRAM Works

How SCRAM Works
  • SCRAM Bracelet
    Samples insensible perspiration every 30 minutes. Features industry-leading, anti-tamper technology using five sensors. Automatically collects, stores, and transfers all data to the SCRAM Modem. Transmits on pre-determined schedule (at least 1x/day). Uses a wireless radio-frequency (RF) signal. Date- and time-stamps readings for easy reporting and analysis.

  • SCRAM Modem
    Plugs into a telephone analog line at the offender’s home or office. Uploads all available data from the SCRAM bracelet. Stores and sends alcohol readings,tamper alerts, and diagnostic data to SCRAMNET. Downloads monitoring and reporting schedules from SCRAMNET to the SCRAM bracelet

  • SCRAMnet
    Web-based application managed by AMS where offender data is stored, collected, and analyzed. Can be accessed around-the-clock from any location using a standard and secure web browser. Flags and graphically depicts incidents of: Drinking events, Tamper detection, Removal attempts and Equipment malfunctions. Allows easy customization of testing, synchronization, and reporting schedules for each offender. Provides customized reports and graphs that best suit information needs and individual cases.


Participating in SCRAM can be voluntary, court ordered, a condition of probation or pre-trial diversion.  Individuals with certain medical conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, or skin disorders may not be eligible.


To register call The Florida Safety Council at 407-897-4431. 
SCRAM is offered in Orange, Osceola, Brevard, and Seminole Counties.

For more information about how scram works visit the AMS Website

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