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Ignition Interlock Device

DUI School Spotlight:
DUI Level II

The DUI Level II course is for those individuals who have multiple DUI convictions, and those who have previously attended a DUI school. The course is 21 hours and may be required to reinstate your license. Florida Safety Council's DUI Counterattack program now offers online registration for your convenience. Click here to learn more about DUI Level II.

DUI Special Programs:
S.C.R.A.M. Program

SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) is a tool that helps courts and agencies continuously monitor their alcohol offenders to ensure they’re not drinking. The goal of the Florida Safety Council SCRAM program is to:

  • Increase public safety and victim safety by closely monitoring a person’s drinking behavior.
  • Create accountability among individuals for their drinking behavior.
  • Promote behavior change.
  • Reduce jail and prison populations by providing cost effective supervision alternatives.

How SCRAM Works


Driving Sober to save a life's mission is to stop drinking and driving, through heart wrenching and powerful presentations and by educating all drivers to be aware of the consequences of driving impaired.


Ignition Interlock is a device installed in a motor vehicle, which prevents the ignition from starting unless the driver blows a satisfactory breath sample into the device. If the alcohol concentration of the breath sample exceeds 0.05, the motor vehicle engine will not start.

Section 316.193, Florida Statutes, requires ignition interlock devices to be installed on the vehicles of persons convicted of DUI. The ignition interlock program affects anyone convicted of DUI after July 1, 2002 upon eligibility of reinstatement for driver license.

A person convicted of DUI who applies to the DHSMV for driver license reinstatement will be directed to an ignition interlock provider. The ignition interlock device must be installed on the vehicle prior to receiving a license.

Costs to the Defendant:
The average cost to the convicted person for installation of an ignition interlock device is $70.00 and for monthly monitoring and calibration is $65.00-$75.00

Ignition Interlock Device Fees
  • First IID Violation Appointment Fee = $25.00
  • IID Case Management Appointment Fee = $55.00
  • IID Case Management Missed Appointment Fee = $55.00
  • IID Monthly Appointment Fee = $25.00
  • IID Monthly Missed Appointment Fee = $25.00

For more information Contact the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles:

DUI Conviction Ignition Interlock Requirements
First Conviction If court ordered
First Conviction if 0.20 or minor in car Up to 6 months
Second Conviction At least 1 year
Second Conviction is 0.20 or minor in car At least 2 years
Third Conviction At least 2 years
Dui Manslaughter At least 2 years

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