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Juvenile Offender Life Training (J.O.L.T.)

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Alcohol Sales Training

This online course is designed for persons charged with selling or serving alcohol to any person under the age of 21. Focus is placed on the consequences of selling alcohol to minors. This course is conveniently available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to learn more.

Juvenile Offender Life Training (J.O.L.T.) Course

This course is designed as an early intervention and diversion program for youthful offenders. It will assist offenders in examining their behavior, attitude and actions by instilling discipline and offering behavioral alternatives.  The Juvenile Offender Life Training course serves as an alternative, which can be utilized as a prevention/diversion program, to reduce recidivism of first time offenders, as an order of probation, or as an alternative to the Judicial Courts in lieu of jail and/or prison time.


The goal of this program is to decrease the recidivism rate of first time offenders as well as to educate, equip, and inform offenders of alternative ways of coping with negative behavior.

This is a four hour (4-hr) interactive course. The course includes lecture, videos, class participation, group activities, and workbook exercises. These are small class sizes to maximize student participation and personalized attention.


Juvenile Offender Life Training (J.O.L.T.) Course Content:

The Juvenile Offender Life Training (J.O.L.T.) course is meant to cover a large amount of pertinent subject matter that would be relevant to the youthful offender, including the following topics;


Juvenile Offender Life Training (J.O.L.T.) Course Availability and Registration

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